Sign up for Salad Share, 2023-2024 season

Hi! welcome! please please read the following, it is crucial information! And up front, we thank you for your interest in supporting a small local farm that is growing nutritious produce in an ecological way. 

Here's how the Salad Share works.... 

Designed with salad lovers in mind, this is a weekly subscription for super fresh salad ingredients for the duration of the winter growing season (Nov - April). Each week during the season you will pickup your salad share box. We will also grow you things like herbs, root veggies, radicchio, cucumbers, edible flowers, sprouting cauliflower & the best cherry tomatoes. We also source some fruit from other farms to keep it juicy. Its gonna be fun! Every week, let your salad bowl be your canvas, and a portal to the farm!  

Heres an example of a weekly share: 

1. half pound bag of mixed salad greens (lettuce mix, arugula, spring mix)
2. more fresh greens! like heads of gem lettuce, radicchio & kale, culinary shoots & micro-greens
3. bunch of salad roots like radishes, carrots, beets & turnips
4. portion of salad friendly hard veggies, like cucumbers, cherry tomatoes or sprouting cauliflower
5. 2 bunches of herbaceous greens, like cilantro, parsley, mint & more

AND: Add-ons! Every week we will be putting additional items in our web shop that you can add to your Salad Share. Simply select items from the website, select "I'm a CSA member", and then we'll add your order into your weekly box! Expect to see local pasture eggs, special veggies that didn't make it into the share, French Farms pickles, hot sauce, unique lettuces, tropical fruit, salad dressings, and other products from our friends from LNB Groves, Muni farms, Empower Farm and St. Simons Farm.

A little more about CSA.... it stands for “community supported agriculture” and it's a way that farms have been selling their produce direct to their customers (no middle man) since 1986. The CSA model creates a valuable connection between the community and the farm. By paying upfront for produce, the community provides the farm with operating capital at the beginning of the season, when they need it most, as well as the peace of mind that produce is sold. The CSA provides the customer with a guaranteed amount of farm fresh veggies and most importantly, an intimate relationship with their farm and farmers. 

 Pick-up options: Choose from our 3 general regions of Miami:

1. Cindy's house in the Coconut Grove

2. Legion Park Farmer's Market in the Uppereastside. With optional Sunday pickup as well

3. At the farm itself in the Redland. 22305 SW 157th ave. This is great for friends living closer to the farm or if you love plant shopping at the LIttle River Plant nursery, or if you want just want to routinely stroll through the fields and see what your farmers are up to. 

Sign up now and receive 20 weeks of farm fresh Salad Stuff from November through April. Choose a pickup area from our 3 general regions of Miami. All pickups will happen every Saturday during a 6-8 hour time window. 

Thought you were done reading?! NOPE! This year we are offering a sliding scale payment option as a step towards making our produce more accessible. Sliding scale is an economic model that at its most basic makes it so that "people pay as they are able to for services, events and items. Those with access to more resources pay more and thus provide the cushion for those with less access to pay less, creating a sustainable economic underpinning for said services, events and items." -Hadassah Damien. She has a wonderful guide to sliding scale here if anyone wants to click and learn more about this pricing model. 

The "true cost" of the Salad Share is $620 per member, which is $30 a week worth of produce plus a $20 credit card processing fee, so we've added a lower and a higher bracket, and we are trusting our community of members to use those brackets appropriately when reflecting on their needs & their ability to give. We've also split the cost into two 50% payments, for those of you who would like more time to pay the full amount. By paying 50% now, you are securing your spot in the CSA. Second payments will be due in full before November 1st. If you don't need the extra time and want to pay in full now, you definitely can. just add this item to your cart twice and you'll be all paid up! 

To help with this decision making process we're including an info graphic made by local food justice educational space Finca Morada that gives examples for each bracket of the scale. Find the collection of circumstances that you feel most represents yours, and consider paying the amount listed for that bracket. If you would like to pay with SNAP/EBT benefits, please email us and we can arrange for that.

Ok, now you are done reading! We look forward to growing for you this upcoming season. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may still have.