About the Farmer

Chris French, head farmer of French Farms, was born and raised in Boca Raton, Florida. After attending the University of Florida (where he studied Engineering) his love of farming drove him west to San Diego to work, surf, learn gardening, surf, and also surf, until he came back home to roost some 8 years ago. Farmer French started his relationship with subtropical gardening & farming with the gardening company "Ready-to-Grow Gardens" by installing veggie gardens, teaching customers about gardening, and using his engineering background to build greenhouses, solar power systems, irrigation systems & creative infrastructure for his gardening company. The owner, Dylan, coined the term "gardeneer" (a mix of gardener & engineer) to describe Chris' role, and its super accurate! Chris took his knowledge and love of gardening and used it to start farming on a small scale in 2015. He's been carving up and lovingly tending to small plots throughout Homestead & the Redland ever since, even spending a few years farming a fallow 2 acre slice of the popular tropical fruit vineyard Schneblys Redland Winery. Chris plays an integral role in Miamis petite but enthusiastic small farmer scene by offering his "gardeneer" expertise to many projects as they get started or grow, like Little River Cooperative, a popular urban farm & edible plant nursery in downtown Miami. If you've bought produce from Little River Coop at the Legion Park Farmers Market or if you've been a member of their multi-farm CSA then you've eaten French Farms produce, as he has been the main producer of high quality veggies for their booth & CSA for years. If you've got a question for Farmer French or you're looking for consultation services or engineering help with your South Florida orchard or market garden project skip the email (he's busy on the farm and bad at getting back to emails) and call or text (352) 871-8724.   






Chris French was declared "Best Farmer in Miami" in 2017 by The New Times