French Farms t-shirt, designed by Marta Johansen, Lavender

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Back by popular demand the Sad Sawyer shirt, drawn by our good friend and artist Marta Elise Johansson and printed on comfort colors lilac t-shirt. If you’ve been to the market or the farm you’ve likely been barked at by our scruffy little farm dog Sawyer. 8 years ago, when Chris had just started farming in Homestead, this little guy just wandered onto the farm and it was dog-and-boy love at first sight. Since then we’ve changed farm locations, expanded, contracted, gone on road trips, bought and sold tractors, trucks and more, and Sawyer was there, barking through all of it. 


Adult sizing on these pre-washed comfort colors shirts is true to size. Youth large is the same in the shoulders as an adult small, but with a boxier fit. Timmy is 6 and wears a youth small. Isla is 9 and wears a youth medium. Youth XS is the cutest thing ever buy is on back order, so expect to wait about 10-14 days for yours to be printed and shipped!