French Farms Salad Share, 1st payment 75% price bracket

  • $213.00
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So, you've decided to purchase yourself a salad share! Congrats! We are so excited to be growing for you and feeding you next season. 

In choosing this pricing bracket you are committing to pay a total of $426 in two increments of $213. By buying this item now you are securing your spot in the Salad Share, which will start pickup sometime in November. We will follow up with an invoice for the final payment on September 15th, which will be due  before November 1st. If you would like to pay for your whole share now, please just choose 2 of this item when you check out, and you will be fully paid! We thank you for considering that option as it makes accounting a bit easier for the farm team.  

Choose a pickup location from the drop down menu below when checking out.  For those if you picking up in the "upper east side" area, we will be participating in the Legion Park Farmers Market and make that the pickup location. For those who choose Coconut Grove, the pickup will be at Cindy's house, in the north grove. If you select delivery in either of those regions we will be reaching out to you closer to the beginning of the season with a delivery fee and more info. 

If you select Farm pickup it'll mean you need to pickup Saturday from the farm at 22305 SW 157 Ave in the Redland. This on-farm option is intended to serve the community closer to the farm and to allow all members to visit the fields and interact with the farm. If you don't live near the farm don't fret because this option will be available on a weekly basis as well, you'll just need to give us 24 hours warning that you wish to do this. 

In purchasing this item you are agreeing to the following terms: 

*farmers make their planting charts & plans around the seasons and the needs of the members, and most crops are grown just for you members, so substitutions and customizations aren’t permitted. We will however be developing an add-on option via this online store.

*we can rearrange your shares pickup if with advanced notice but only by 24 hours (so for example if you cant come Saturday but you can come Sunday). for whole weeks that you might be missing, we recommend you donate that weeks share to a friend, like a gift. We can also donate your share for you, but we can not give you a refund or offer you alternative dates or times for pickup throughout the week. 

*the farm team will send you weekly emails with descriptions of that weeks contents and a pickup reminder every week. You will always be welcome to communicate with your farmers if you have questions or want to share salad ideas or feedback. 

*this deposit for your salad share is non refundable without extenuating circumstances.